3 Things Every Blogger Needs

This post is about 3 things that every blogger needs to be successful.

1. A Unique Voice

Think about it. There are a million and one blogs out there on the web these days. If your goal is to make money online, start a movement, or give value to the world, who is going to read your blog if you sound just like someone else. I truly believe that everyone has their own value, and their own unique voice and gifts that they can give to the world. Find yours, and get it out there–that is, if you want to stand out. If you want to blend in, then use a generic voice and writing style. Simple as that.

2. Valuable Content that can be Updated Regularly

Search engines love fresh content that is updated regularly. But wait–we shouldn’t really be thinking about search engines, should we? We should write our posts for humans. Google’s algorithm is changing daily, so you want to write great content, and have your audience share that content for you, in the form of tweets, stumbles, facebook likes or telling their friends. I’ll break it down this way for you:

  • These days, people have less time and more choices than ever
  • The Internet is a crowded place
  • People really value their time
  • You need to make your content so valuable that people to the time out of their day to mention you to their friends, or to link to your site or blog

That’s all it boils down to. Simple? Yes. Easy? Eh, not really.

Bottom Line: Write your content for humans, not search engines. Try to solve a problem that some people have. Try to be specific. Give good advice. There are different types of value–you can do entertainment value (funny videos or pictures, stories, etc.) It doesn’t always have to be serious. Use your creativity. The one rule of blogging is that there are no rules. My 3 things are just suggestions; guidelines if you will. Follow them. Or don’t.

3. Persistence

There is a famous saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Neither was/is a successful blog. Blogging is a slog, sometimes a grind, and to be successful, you need to spend time on your blog. I think it was Steve Pavlina who said, “Anyone can be a successful blogger. It just might take 5 years.” Or something along those lines. I truly think too many bloggers give up to easily. The typical scenario is this: They publish content for a few weeks, check their stats, see no one is reading, and then give up. Wow! Amazing strategy. Not. Decide now if you want to be a serious blogger. If not, well, find something else you’re good at and interested in.

Things a Blogger doesn’t Need

Now, of course I think there are more than 3 things a blogger needs. But there are also some things bloggers don’t necessarily need. Some are good, some are added bonuses, some are bells and whistles, some are needed as you grow bigger. Remember again, the one rule of blogging is that there are no rules. Your blog is your baby.

But, especially when first starting, I don’t think you need fancy software packages like Boomarking Demon or some other kind of SEO software. You don’t even need hosting– some bloggers use Blogspot or the free version of WordPress. Some people just use Hubpages or Squidoo. Hosting is eventually necessary in my opinion, but you certainly don’t need it right away, or in some cases, at all. Some people even just stick to article marketing.

Article Marketing Tips

There are 2 ways to successfully use article marketing and you need to have a strategy for each option. Internet marketers fail because they don’t grasp the difference and use one technique for both.

Here are the 2 strategies and how to approach each one:

Gain Quality Backlinks

This requires submitting unique content to the major Article Directories like EzineArticles.com, Go.Articles.com etc and ones with a high page rank. Although you want to use EzineArticles, the trick is to be random with everything you do so mix it up. You also want to mix up your links to home page and internal pages… and alter the anchor text ie. use website address, keywords, LSI keywords etc. For recognized backlinks, you want to keep your content 100% unique when Google first sees it… that’s the key “when Google first sees it”. After Google indexes it and sees traffic going to it you can then reuse the article by spinning it and using on less important sites and/or mass submitting it for traffic.

It is up to you as to how “unique” you want to be… the minimum you want to change an indexed article/blog post/web content is 30% so rewrite the 1st paragraph, last paragraph and change some wording in the other paragraphs. You can use Article Spinning software to help with this by rewriting once and turning into 10 to hundreds of unique articles.

TIP: Publish unique content on your site first or premium Article Directories. Once it has been indexed by Google and they see some traffic and links going to it, spin it and publish in article directories.

TIP: EzineArticles.com has quite strict guidelines… and that’s why Google loves them! They won’t accept a lot of spun content so you need high quality, original content for them but it is definitely worth it.

For Traffic

When you are using Article submissions for traffic you want to submit to as many directories as you can. You are not concerned with duplicate content as you are not wanting links so mass submits your article to as many directories as possible. An automated article submitter save you a lot of time.

TIP: Although you are mass submitting you still want to use high-quality content to encourage click & therefore traffic… if your article isn’t very good who is going to click on the link to your site to read more?

Niche Marketing…..Just what is it

The term “niche marketing”, when used in reference to internet marketing refers to the process of finding a special market (i.e. dog training) and marketing a product or service specifically targeted to that market. Like the small grocery market which only offers special products or brands or is unique in some fashion so too is niche marketing.

This type of marketing does not require a huge amount of money to start and is ideal for the newbie just starting out due to the lower cost and a workload that can be easily managed to fit any schedule.

As in offline marketing, what you need to do is identify a market, find out what they need and fill that need. That’s what niche marketing is all about at its core level. Successful niche marketers identify different markets or niches, find out what the members are looking for or need by joining forums, interest groups and chat rooms that cater to a particular market and fill that need by offering a product or service that fills a need specific to that market.

Joining forums, interest groups and chat rooms are also a way for you to establish yourself as an expert in a particular niche. You do this by allowing people to get to know you thru your posts. Providing an unsolicited answer or solution for a specific problem a fellow forum member may be experiencing can go a long way to establishing yourself and your credibility within a given niche. Keep in mind, your efforts, in the beginning, must focus on establishing yourself and your credibility. Let people get to know you and in time, you can begin to market a product or service that may be of great value to you and your specific niche.

Another way to start is by placing paid ads on sites which cater to your niche. It’s important to do your research on the sites you would like to place ads. Ad placement, the reputation of the site and will/does your target audience visit the site you are interested in advertising on? This information is critical to your success, placing ads on sites that aren’t relevant to your niche can cost you big time, not only in terms of potential income but your reputation as well.

By specializing, you decrease your workload which enables you to focus your attention, so that you can increase sales in your chosen niche market.

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